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Testimonials from Louisiana Medical Group

Losing weight can be an emotionally charged journey for many individuals. The owners of the Louisiana Medical Group understood the significance of this process and approached the opening of their clinic with great care. They entrusted their own physicians with prescribing compound medications from the same pharmacies that our clinic doctors will be utilizing for our patients. They felt it was important to speak from personal experience about the effectiveness of these medications. Below, you will find before and after pictures of the owners of Louisiana Medical Group, accompanied by a brief description of their personal experiences.

Patrick Broussard before and after picture

Before starting Tirzepatide, my blood sugar was a constant concern, affecting my energy levels and overall health. However, as I incorporated this medication into my treatment plan, I noticed a significant decrease in my blood sugar levels.

 Not only did Tirzepatide help me regulate my blood sugar, but it also contributed to my weight loss efforts. Shedding excess pounds became more manageable, and as I progressed, I noticed significant changes in my physical appearance.  

Tirzepatide has truly been a game-changer for me.  I encourage others who are on a similar path to explore its potential benefits.


Jude Marino before and after

​I was carrying excess weight that caused me to feel physically drained. I tried keto and various other diets and nothing seemed to work. With the guidance of my healthcare provider, I began using compound Semaglutide and witnessed remarkable changes.​


As I started feeling better physically, my energy levels increased, allowing me to actively engage with my children in various activities. We began enjoying outdoor adventures, playing sports, and going on family outings with newfound vitality. It was incredible to witness the positive impact my weight loss journey had on our shared experiences.


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